Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor Integration

Our email templates include a Campaign Monitor version, which you can edit in their builder.


The Campaign Monitor-integrated files can be found in the /campaign-monitor folder.

This folder has the same structure as the standalone files from the /html folder, only that all files inside it are editable or ready to use with Campaign Monitor:

  • /components - buttons, navigation, spacers, and dividers
  • /grid - the grid system
  • /layout - the base layout file
  • /sections - all the template sections
  • /templates - prebuilt templates
    • /all-in-one - single-file marketing & notification templates
    • /marketing - marketing-related templates, organised by folders
    • /notifications - notification email templates, organised by folders

Only the prebuilt templates from the /templates folder can be uploaded directly to Campaign Monitor in order to be used in a campaign. All others are just for creating a Campaign Monitor-compatible template yourself, which you then upload to their service.

If you're planning on creating a Campaign Monitor template yourself, please first take a look at their documentation on creating a custom template, and then at our own templates to understand how to do it.

Uploading to Campaign Monitor

Inside /campaign-monitor/templates/, you'll find folders organized by function:

  • all-in-one - a single file that uses the <layout> template tag, so you can quickly add modules from a dropdown
  • marketing - Marketing/promotional templates. One folder per template; templates include only selected modules
  • notifications - Notification/transactional templates. One folder per template; templates include only selected modules
In Campaign Monitor, click your user name on the top right, then select "My Templates".
On the following page, click "Create New Template", then click the "Upload your own HTML" box.
You will be asked to name your template, and then upload the HTML file and the images .zip file.
Browse for them on your computer, then click Add template.

Supported Template Tags

The following Campaign Monitor tags are included:

Template tags
  • <repeater>
  • <layout label="...">
  • <singleline>
  • <multiline>
  • editable (images)

See the Campaign Monitor template tags reference.

Important links
  • <webversion>
  • <unsubscribe>

See the Campaign Monitor important links reference.

Personalization tags
  • [fullname] (with fallback)

See the Campaign Monitor merge tags reference.


Visual template customisation in Campaign Monitor is very limited, you can only click to edit a section and have some basic formatting options, for multiline elements only!

Campaign Monitor basic editing options

For any customisation to the template, you will need to manually add it before uploading to Campaign Monitor.

Limitations and Other Notes

Most visual email builders are limited in functionality, meaning they don't or can't allow fine-tuned control over the template as if you were to manually edit the HTML code. That being said, please take the following into account.

Hamburger Menu Icon

Just like in the MailChimp version, the hamburger menu icon is visible only on the mobile breakpoint, so it can't be edited with Campaign Monitor's visual editor. Instead, you need to edit it manually in the code, before uploading to Campaign Monitor:

Editing the hamburger menu icon

Background Images

Campaign Monitor currently offers no support when it comes to editing background images.

Just like with the menu icon, manually edit the template code before uploading to Campaign Monitor:

Manually editing a background image before uploading to Campaign Monitor

Always test before you send!