MyMail Integration

Our email templates include a MyMail WordPress plugin version, which you can edit in their builder.


The MyMail-integrated files can be found in the /mymail folder.

This folder has the same structure as the standalone files from the /html folder, only that all files inside it are editable or ready to use with MyMail:

  • /components - buttons, navigation, spacers, and dividers
  • /grid - the grid system
  • /layout - the base layout file
  • /sections - all the template sections
  • /templates - prebuilt templates
    • contains a single folder with all templates, according to the structure required by MyMail

Only the prebuilt template .zip file from the /templates folder can be imported in MyMail. All other folders are just for creating a MyMail-compatible template yourself.

If you're planning on creating a MyMail template yourself, please first take a look at their documentation, and then at our own templates to understand how to do it.

There is just one folder inside the /templates folder, and it contains all predefined templates, as well as a base and notification template.

You just upload a single .zip file under Newsletter/Templates, and you're done.

Uploading to WordPress

Inside the /mymail/templates/ folder, you'll find another folder named /zip-for-upload.

The .zip file in there is what you need to upload under Newsletter/Templates, in WordPress. It contains all pre-built templates, as well as an all-in-one template, which you can choose if you want to start from scratch.

Supported Template Tags

The following MyMail template tags are included:

Template tags
  • module
  • single
  • multi
  • textbutton
Personalization tags
  • {webversionlink}
  • {unsublink}


MyMail offers a solid and easy-to-use email builder, accessible right from your WordPress dashboard. Text and images can be customised in way similar to how you edit your posts and pages, and it even offers some predefined color schemes.

Limitations and Other Notes

Although MyMail's builder is quite flexible and works well, it still has its drawbacks, at least for now.

Hamburger Menu Icon

To edit the hamburger menu icon, you need to click the 'code' button next to the module in the builder, then edit the icon in the HTML:

Editing the hamburger menu icon

Background Images

Same as with the menu icon, you need to go into code view and update the background image, because there's currently no other option for editing it in MyMail.

Always test before you send!