StampReady Integration

Our email templates include a StampReady version, which you can edit in their builder.


The StampReady-integrated files can be found in the /stampready folder.

This folder has the same structure as the standalone files from the /html folder, only that all files inside it are editable or ready to use with StampReady:

  • /components - buttons, navigation, spacers, and dividers
  • /grid - the grid system
  • /layout - the base layout file
  • /sections - all the template sections
  • /templates - prebuilt templates
    • /marketing - all marketing-related sections, in one file
    • /notifications - all notification sections, in one file

Only the prebuilt templates from the /templates folder can be uploaded directly to StampReady in order to be used in a campaign or exported after using their builder. All others are just for creating a StampReady-compatible template yourself, which you then upload to their service.

If you're planning on creating a StampReady template yourself, please first take a look at their template tags documentation, and then at our own templates to understand how to do it.

For convenience, both the marketing and notification files contain all template modules.
So if you've imported the notification template, you can still create a marketing template.

Uploading to StampReady

Inside the /stampready/templates/ folder, you'll find another folder named zips-for-upload.
This folder contains all-in-one template .zip files, named by their purpose.

In StampReady, go to Campaigns -> New Campaign. Then, click the Import Template on the top right, and select "ZIP FILE" from the dropdown.
Browse for our StampReady .zip file as described above, and you're done: StampReady will show you a preview of the template you are about to import.

Again, the file for StampReady contains all sections/modules, so don't worry if you see a very long template with multiple headers and so on, when you choose the file to import. That's how StampReady currently works, and you will be creating the exact layout you need in their builder, once you confirm the import.

Supported Template Tags

The following StampReady template tags are included:

Template tags
  • data-module
  • data-thumb
  • data-color
  • data-size
  • data-bgcolor
  • data-link-color
  • data-link-style
  • data-border-top-color
  • data-border-left-color
  • data-border-bottom-color
  • data-bg
Personalization tags
  • sr_unsubscribe
  • sr_view_online


StampReady has one of the best email template builders around, at the moment. It offers great flexibility and it even allows exporting the HTML to desktop, so you can then import it ready-customized in other services that have less capable builders, such as MailChimp or Campaign Monitor.

Limitations and Other Notes

Although StampReady's builder is quite advanced and flexible, it still has its drawbacks, at least for now.

Hamburger Menu Icon

To edit the hamburger menu icon, you need to click the 'code' button next to the module in the builder, then edit the icon in the HTML:

Editing the hamburger menu icon

Background Images

While StampReady nicely handles both the background attribute and the VML image source, there's only one minor drawback: if you add content that increases the height of a section, the height of the v:rect from the VML code of that section is not automatically adjusted. You will need to use their code editor to do this manually. More on this topic, here.

Outlook 120 DPI issues

StampReady currently has limited support for what it allows in the <head*gt; area. Our templates use a specific code that targets Outlook and improves rendering on hi-DPI screens.
Currently, StampReady removes this in the final email, so you need to add it back yourself.

Code bloat

It looks like, at the moment, StampReady's Builder does not clean up after itself when you export the HTML.
We've noticed that all their template tags aren't cleaned up, and there are sometimes even leftovers from the builder itself (like wrapper divs)

Always test before you send!