A few words before diving in


The product is built using our own Pine Email Framework.
If you want to customise layouts, change columns, or do anything that affects structure, we strongly suggest you first read up the framework documentation.

This documentation provides template-related guidance - for anything else, you will find links to the framework documentation, which goes in-depth on framework-related topics and provides practical examples.

Required Software

Text Editor

To modify this product, you will need a text editor. There are a wide range of text editors out there that will do the trick, but we would recommend Sublime Text or Coda 2.

Email Testing

After you customize the template to suit your needs, always test before sending out an email. Our email templates and framework have been tested with Email on Acid, but you can also use the very popular Litmus.

Email Service Providers

There are several popular email service providers out there, and you are probably already signed up for one of them.
If that's not the case, a couple of the most popular ones are:

Our email templates are integrated with the ones above, as well as with the MyMail WordPress plugin and StampReady.

Whatever you do, never send out a mass email from your personal Gmail or Outlook.