Call To Action Sections

Call To Action

Trigger a response from your users by using call to action sections.
Each of our templates come with two predesigned call to action sections:

  • Basic (with buttons)
  • With Background (buttons centered/left/right)


The Basic call to action section only includes a left/right/center aligned button, inside a full width column.
The ones with the button aligned to the left or right also include text in the other column.
You can adjust the background color with the bgcolor="" attribute on the parent row table.


Call to action basic

With Background

Similar to the Basic one, but with an image background.
Coded with background image support for Outlook.


Call to action with background


You can easily change the looks by changing text, spacing, buttons, and backgrounds.

  • Text and buttons can be changed with inline CSS
  • Background image — change the image path in the background="" attribute, as well as in the src="" of the v:fill element, for Outlook 2007 - 2017.
  • Top/bottom inner spacing — change the value in the height="" attribute, as well as the font-size and line-height CSS values, on the spacer <td>
Warning: there are some caveats with Outlook background image support. Make sure to read up, here.