Feature Sections

Showcasing a Feature

A feature section is an elegant way to show a particular feature or product.

Each of our templates comes with two predesigned feature sections:

  • Feature Columns
  • With Content Left/Right

Feature Columns

Two rows with two columns each. Columns have a centered image at the top, followed by text.
On mobile, the columns go full width and stack.


Feature columns

With Content Left/Right

Two half columns, one with a header, text and a link, the other with an image that sticks to the edge of the email container.
They stack on mobile, and the one with the image on the right uses the awesome mobile reordering techinque from our framework.


Feature content with content left


You can easily change the looks by changing text, spacing, and images.

  • Text and links can be changed with inline CSS
  • For the images, simply change the src and the dimension settings inline.
  • Top/bottom inner spacing — change the value in the height="" attribute, as well as the font-size and line-height CSS values, on the spacer <td>