Each of our templates comes with 4 types of footers, designed for a wide varitey of use cases.
They all include common things like a logo, address, social icons, and, of course, legal text/unsubscribe links.

Footers also use a Divider component from Pine, which you can customise just like a spacer.

Example: Footer 1, customised light version

Footer light 1


You can easily change the looks by changing spacing, text, background colour, and images.

  • Text styles can be changed with inline CSS
  • Logo/Images — simply change the src image path, adjust dimensions and make sure its width does not exceed the width of the parent table cell. Also, the more content you have in the right column, the more higher your image will need to be, so that it doesn't appear to 'break' when it connects to the next one.
  • Background — change the value in the bgcolor="" attribute on the parent row table
  • Top/bottom inner spacing — change the value in the height="" attribute, as well as the font-size and line-height CSS values, on the spacer <td> at the near top and near bottom of the section