Team Sections

Team Sections

A Team section is a great way to show the members that make up your team.
Each of our templates come with two predesigned team sections:

  • Team 1 — full width, with button
  • Team 2 — two column layout, with social links

Team 1

This section focuses on the whole team, by providing a large full width image and a call to action button that you can use to link to your About Us page, for example.


Team type 1

Team 2

Team 2 provides a two column layout that you can use to highlight a couple of your team members.
It includes a short text, as well as social media icons, to link to their profiles.
On mobile, the two columns will stack on top of each other.


Team type 2


You can easily change the looks by changing spacing, text, and images.

  • Text and links can be changed with inline CSS
  • Images — simply change the src image path, adjust dimensions and alternative text
  • Top/bottom inner spacing — change the value in the height="" attribute, as well as the font-size and line-height CSS values, on the spacer <td> at the near top and near bottom of the section