A.K.A. Promotional Email Templates

Each of our products includes pre-built marketing templates. These are designed according to industry needs and can help you quickly create an email campaign for your business.

File structure:

  • HTML version: Files/html/templates/marketing
  • Mailster, MailChimp, StampReady, and Campaign Monitor: these versions each come with an all-in-one template that can be found in Files/name/all-in-one/, which includes all template modules.

When using the editor in one of these services, you always start from a blank canvas, so pre-built layouts with all-in-one templates are not possible. These integrations come with an all-in-one layout file that includes all template modules for you to pick and build your layout.

The embedded CSS is the mostly the same from the layout/default.html file. This is to make it easier for you to add other sections to these templates, and not have to worry about missing CSS for some type of mobile width, or menu component.