Add discounts to your emails

Coupons are handy, ready-made components that you can use to add discounts to your Acorn-powered emails.


Use the Dashed Coupon to show off a discount in big, bold, centered text, with a call to action. The content is surrounded by a dashed border that you can style to suit your needs, and the coupon code is made with the Label component.

The discount value is coded so that it breaks vertically on very small screens.


Filled Coupons have a solid background colour, and a 1px border outline. You can customise the background, text, and call to action so that they stand out, like in our example:

With Image

This variation allows you to include an image next to the coupon itself - maybe this coupon is for a specific product? The image in our example is a Fluid Retina Image that will not expand beyond its natural width.