For beautiful transactional emails

We have extracted each section from the Notification Templates, so that you can easily create your own transactional email templates.

Order Item

For order confirmations or abandoned cart recoveries, use this section to show your customers what they've added to their order.

Order Item

Checkout Button

A button that is a section on its own, so you can easily add it in between other notification sections.

Checkout Button

Cart Items Headline

Simple, centered headline section that you can use above your order items list.

Cart Items Headline

Confirm Email / Password Reset

With a confirmation message and a button for your users to confirm their email. Can be used for any 'confirmation' needs. The Password Reset section also has an extra line of text at the bottom:

Password Reset

Intro Headline

A HERO-like intro for your transactional emails, with a cool gradient background colour that even works in Outlook! Comes with a button variation, as shown below:

Intro Headline With Button

Order Rating

The Star Rating section, adapted for a transactional email.

Order Rating

Order Shipping Details

Two column layout that can be used to show shipping and billing address.

Order Shipping Details

Order Totals

Your shopping cart emails need to show the user how much they've spent. Use this.

Order Totals


Text & Links

Text and link can be customised with inline CSS.


Simply change the src="" and width="" of each image. If you want use retina images, make sure your own image is twice the pixel size of the placeholder.


Buttons can be customised with inline CSS. Read more in our Button component framework docs.

Background Gradient

This uses a CSS gradient, as well as a VML gradient for Outlook. Simply edit the colours in the inline CSS and in the color="" attributes from the <v:fill /> VML tag.

Top & bottom spacing

Change the line-height: value on the <div class="spacer". For mobile spacer customisation, learn more about spacers in Acorn.

Limitations & Other Notes

Background Gradients

Currently, no online email builder supports point-and-click changing of CSS gradients. As a result, you will need to do this in code.

For most email clients, simply change the two HEX values in background: linear-gradient(to right, #6A3093, #A044FF);"

For Outlook, you need to change the two color="" attributes, and keep in mind that the direction is reversed as compared to the CSS one:

<v:fill type="gradient" color="#A044FF" color2="#6A3093" angle="90" />