Countless countable things for your emails

Stats are two or three-column layouts that you can use to display short pieces of information, like achievements, the number of projects, clients, or follower count.

In Sartre Email, they come in 3 shapes:

  • Basic
  • Boxed
  • With Background Image


Basic Stats are made up of three columns separated by a subtle border. You can customise the text and background styles. On mobile, the columns stack vertically, and the borderless-sm class hides the separators.

Stats 1

Because having centered text in a Stats section requires more work than just centering text (paddings, widths), we also provide a stand-alone variation for that (stats-2.html). It might not look very different at a first glance, but if you want centered stats, this variation will save you some headaches.

Stats 2 - Centered


Two column Stats section, with a background colour on each column.

Stats 4 - Boxed

We've also included a variation (stats-5.html) that uses a background image and a semi-transparent background colour for the actual boxes.

Note: Although the background image is supported in Outlook and Windows 10 Mail, the semi-transparent box background colour is coded with rgba in CSS, and will fallback to a solid colour where it is not supported.

Stats 5

With Background Image

Same 3-column layout with separators, but with a background image instead of a solid colour. Of course, the background image works in all versions of Outlook, as well as in Windows 10 Mail.

Stats 3



Font size, colour, weight, spacing, all can be changed through the inline CSS.

Background Colour

Change the HEX colour inside bgcolor="" on the <td> wrapping the container table, as well as on the inner <td>:

<td class="px-sm-16" align="center" bgcolor="#EEEEEE">
    <table class="container" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" role="presentation" width="600">
        <td class="px-sm-8" align="left" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" style="padding: 0 32px;">

For the semi-transparent overlayed boxes, change the rgba values in the inline CSS.

Background Image

Change the image path in the inline background-image CSS property, and in the src="" of the <v:image /> tag, for Outlook & Windows 10 Mail.

<td class="px-sm-16" align="center" bgcolor="#0CBACF" style="background-image: url(''); ...">
    <!--[if gte mso 9]>
    <v:image src="" ... style="width:600px;height:194px;" />

Top & Bottom Spacing

Change the line-height: value on the <div class="spacer":

<div class="spacer line-height-sm-0 py-sm-8" style="line-height: 24px;">&zwnj;</div>

For spacing on mobile, we generally use the py-sm-8 class, that sets the spacer to be 16px high. You can change it to one of the other mobile spacing classes in Acorn. Learn more about spacers in Acorn.