Because all good things must come to a great end

The template comes with several footers, designed for a wide varitey of use cases. They all include common things like a logo, address, social icons, and, of course, legal text/unsubscribe links.

Footers also use a Divider component from Acorn, which you can customise just like a spacer.

Footer 1

Logo and social icons come first, separated with a divider from the legal text.

Footer 1

Footer 2

Logo and address or legal text come first, followed by the social icons and copyright text.

Footer 2

Footer 3

A balanced, centered mix of the first two footers.

Footer 3

Footer 4

Add more text to your footer, and also provide a call to action button.

Footer 4

Footer 5

Short, centered, straight to the point.

Footer 5

With AppStore Buttons

This variation includes App Store buttons, if you need to remind subscribers to download your mobile apps.

Footer 5 Appstore

Footer 6 Logo Left/Right

A two column version of Footer 5, with the logo to the left or right.

Footer 6


Links & Text

Links and text styles can be changed via inline CSS.

Talking about links, Unsubscribe in the ESP-integrated versions uses the platform's special unsub link code, so you're covered out of the box. However, if you're using StampReady to build a layout for some other platform, remember to add your provider's code as the URL.

Logo & Images

Simply change the src="" and width="". For retina images, keep the width="" defined by the template, and use an image that is double the width and height of the placeholder image.

Background Colour

Change the HEX colour inside bgcolor="" on the <td>'s:

<td class="px-sm-16" align="center" bgcolor="#EEEEEE">
    <table class="container" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" role="presentation" width="600">
            <td class="px-sm-8" align="left" bgcolor="#232323" style="padding: 0 24px;">

Footers use #EEEEEE for the 'outside' colour (basically, the email body), and #232323 or #FFFFFF for the inside of a section. When using the integrated versions, such as MailChimp or StampReady, you need not worry about this: controls for changing them are provided through their UI.

Top & Bottom Spacing

Change the line-height: value on the <div class="spacer":

<div class="spacer line-height-sm-0 py-sm-8" style="line-height: 24px;">&zwnj;</div>

For spacing on mobile, we generally use the py-sm-8 class, that sets the spacer to be 16px high. You can change it to one of the other mobile spacing classes in Acorn. Learn more about spacers in Acorn.