Sections for all your vertical spacing needs

As a convenience, we've also extracted the Spacer and Divider components into individual sections.

Both come with Boxed and Full Width variations.

Spacer - Boxed

The Boxed Spacer is basically a section with just a spacer inside the container. Being limited to the container's 600px width, you can use different background colours on the full width class="wrapper" and on the class="container".

Spacer - Full Width

Same as the Boxed one, only that the wrapper doesn't have a container inside - it just houses the Spacer directly, so you can use it to create vertical space in the same colour as the email body.

Divider - Boxed

A Divider component wrapped inside a container, in the same way the Boxed Spacer is.

Divider - Full Width

A full width divider that will stretch from edge to edge in your email client's window or preview pane.


These sections use Spacer and Divider components from our Acorn Email Framework.

In addition to those, you might find it useful to learn about Wrappers and Containers in Acorn.