Transactional email templates for your business

Kant Email comes with several pre-built transactional email templates, also known as notification templates:

  • Confirmation Email
  • Password Reset
  • Abandoned Cart Reminder
  • Order Confirmation
  • + all notification emails for Shopify

These are meant to be used with transactional email providers, such as Mailgun, SendGrid, or SparkPost. For Shopify, please refer to our Shopify documentation.

File structure

  • HTML version: Files/html/templates/notifications
  • Mailster: choose the "Notification" layout from the template selection dropdown.
  • MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and StampReady: these versions each come with an all-in-one template .zip file, that can be found in Files/name/all-in-one/, which also includes the notification sections. You can use this template in these services' builders to create your own notification templates.
  • Shopify: the Files/shopify folder contains pre-built notification templates for all Shopify notifications